How to keep Customers Informed and Buying From You

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Connecting with customers via Email is profitable. In 2019, the average ROI was $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing, according to both DMA and Litmus.

You’ve got a fabulous website, images, and blogs.

The next logical question should follow: “Is there anything else I should be doing to keep my customers connected to my business?”

Send Email Newsletters

The answer: E-Newsletters via email software.

Send out a monthly or weekly or daily email newsletter to your clients and customers to engage with, inform, and entice them to buy to increase revenue and build customer loyalty. Imagine your customers sees your emails every day or week or month.

5 most important things you can do in email newsletters.

Let your customers know you remember them and appreciate them. Talk to them. Engage them. Use the word YOU. It’s personal and doesn’t feel over spammy in their mailbox. Using the word YOU is much like a call-to-action.

  • Be consistent. You may have what they need now. But if not now, then later. By consistently keeping in touch with them via email newsletters, you will be there when they need you.
  • Give readers helpful information. That’s why they came to your business in the first place. They are looking for info, tidbits of useful life stuff, and then… they notice your offerings. You become the expert.
  • Show them what you’ve been doing. Helped a current client solve a problem? Opened a new location? Designed a fabulous piece of artwork? Show them in your email newsletter. Make connections with the people and you will keep the people.
  • Let them know about promotions, referral discounts, and other goodies. Give away something they need or want and you’ll get their attention for certain. And don’t forget to showcase the winners in your newsletters since they love to see faces of happy people!

Modern email programs like aweber allow you to send beautiful branded emails to your customers regularly.

Drip Marketing

Another feature of top email software is what is known as drip marketing.

Drip marketing is a strategy employed by many direct marketers where a constant flow of marketing material is sent to customers over a period of time. Drip marketing endeavors to create sales through long-term repeated exposure to its recipients of the goods and services that are advertised.

You setup a sequence of emails once and then send these emails out regularly (only have to setup once).

Simply the Best Way to Attract and Engage Customers with Email Marketing

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